Quantum Healing Membership
Are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed out or unclear on your next steps, and feel you need guidance and healing to help you move forward in your life or career?
Are you looking for an affordable and effective healing support to help you live more on purpose and to unlock your potential?
  Are you ready for beautiful changes and breakthroughs in your life?
If you said YES to any of the above questions,
then this is for you!
Isn’t it time for you to start living your life NOW?
There is no better time than NOW to step into living the life you deserve. Then, give yourself the GIFT of healing by joining my Quantum Healing Membership.  

For years, I have worked with over a thousand clients from all over the world to uncover their true purpose and passions, find true value in their worth, unlock their unique gifts, reconnect to their intuition, and break free from limitations. And from my experiences, I can attest that with proper, consistent healing support and guidance, you can have BIGGER and FASTER results! 
Here are some of the results that participants in my Quantum Healing Membership reported:
  • Strengthened intuition
  • Increased productivity
  • Loving and harmonious relationships
  • Increased self worth
  • Deeper connection with the Divine/God
  • More alignment with their passions and dreams
  • Improved sleep
  • More energy
  • Shifting out of limiting patterns and beliefs such as:  playing small, not seen/heard, feeling not good enough, unsupported, undervalued and unloved
  • More relaxation, peace and harmony in their lives
  • Major mindset shifts and breakthroughs
  • More Clarity and Focus
  • Deeper fulfillment and joy 
  • Renewed sense of purpose and clarity
  • Increased income (job promotion, more clients and career opportunties)
  • Overcoming many fears, doubts, and resistance
  • Pain relief
  • Stress relief
  • Improved health and overall well-being
  • Next level of Trust/Faith in themselves and the Divine
  • Feeling centered, connected, supported and loved
  • Many "aha" moments, ideas and inspirations for their personal and/or professional life
Many of my clients and their loved ones regularly participate in the Quantum Healing Membership to receive ongoing support, guidance, and healing for their life/career/business.

Together, we have witnessed many transformations as the result of their participation in the Healing Membership.  They were able to further work through healing and break free from limitations that are holding them back from living their lives to the fullest.
In my Monthly Quantum Healing Membership, now you'll get:
  • 2 Interactive Healing Livestreams
  • 14 Days Remote/Distance Healing
  • 1 Monthly Q&A Support Group Call
  • 24/7 Access Healing Library
  • Members Only Facebook - "GQH Membership Circle"
Here’s the full breakdown of what you get in my Monthly Healing Membership:
(Live & Interactive Video Healing)
You get 2 livestreams per month on “Purpose Clarity-Pain Relief-Guidance” group healing sessions. Pain can be physical, emotional,etc.

You can experience live healing “in action”, receive live feedbacks and healing support, so you can more effectively work through your energetic gunks especially what has been coming up for you and feeling better.

You will be able to pre-submit your question or mini-healing request if you are unable to attend live. The healing energies will be present in the video replay.

14 Days Remote/Distance Healing 
Starts on the 2nd Monday of each month and continues for 14 Days
Each day my God Healing Team and your Divine Self, will work on your top 3 stubborn issues, whether it be physical, emotional, mental, Spiritual and/or financial.

I will support you remotely in letting go of limiting beliefs, traumas,etc, so you can allow abundance to flow through you.

By transmitting healing energies 3 times/day for 14 days, I will support you in working through your accumulated “gunk” energies--allowing you to uncover more of your greatness.
Remote Healing will heal negative energies and attachments, including heart walls and frozen emotions. It also clears negative entities from you, your home, anyone you live with including pets and your business, 24 hours a day for 14 days. 

You will experience raised vibrations and bring your Light Scores up to the highest possible levels, for you, and those in your Abundance Living Bubble.

You will also receive Mercury Retrograde energetic support during times of Mercury Retrograde.

The healing energies will be delivered to you when you can best receive for your highest good. This requires NO special diet or restrictions, and is safe when combined with other therapies or energy work.

1 Monthly Q&A Group Healing Support Call 
This is a group Question & Answer healing support call where you can ask any question or request mini-healing. We will have group healing activations in additions to addressing questions and mini-healing. 

If you are unable to attend the live, you can pre-submit your question or healing request, and listen to the call replay later. The healing energies will be present in the replay regardless if you have participated in the call or not--same energies as in the live call. 

Everything is energy. I am blessed to be like an “energetic family doctor,” using my unique healing abilities to support you through whatever challenges you are facing.

Healing Membership Library - 24/7 Access
You will have access to our powerful healing library of recorded energy embedded healing video/livestreams, on wide variety of healing topics such as pain relief, clarity & guidance, love, abundance and health. You will also receive an archive of your monthly Q & A Group Healing Support calls.

PLUS, a Limiting Beliefs/Patterns BUSTING healing series so you can continue to break through such as Not Good Enough, Being Unlovable, Playing Small, Not Trusting Your Intuition/Guidance, Money-Abundance-Success...and more!

You will have unlimited 24/7 access to these powerful healing tools anytime, on-demand, with your current membership.

 Abundance Living Bubble
 (For you & those in your abundance living bubble list) 
Includes the 3 energetic bubbles: Abundance, Love, & Protection for you, and those on your “Abundance Living Bubbles” List.

My healing “Abundance Living Bubbles” are energetic supportive bubbles that surround you with abundance, love and protection.

These bubbles are safe for everyone and everything. They hold you, and those on your “bubble list,” in a safe, protective and supportive space. Similar to a healthy garden, they provide energetic support/nutrients for you to grow in abundance and love.

There are NO detoxing or processing symptoms that result from being a part of Abundance Living Bubbles. They DO NOT interfere with anything else you may be doing.  

Members Only Facebook - "GQH Membership Circle" 
Where like minded and committed folks gain insights in a safe and nurturing community, share encouragements, and supporting each other.

 WOW!!! What valuable support and tools for transformations!
Imagine….What's Possible for you!
Healing is Priceless!!!
 All of this for an incredible low price!
The more committed you are to your healing process, the BIGGER the results!
Invest in yourself today... 
Give yourself the gift of healing NOW!
(can cancel at anytime)

$111  Per Month
  • 2 Interactive Healing Livestreams
  • 14 Days Distance/Remote Healing
  • 1 Monthly Q&A Group Healing Support Call
  • Healing Membership Library
  • Abundance Living Bubble for you & your immediate family
  • Members Only Facebook - Global Quantum Healing Circle

$402  OVER 15% SAVING!!!
  • 2 Interactive Healing Livestreams
  • 14 Days Distance/Remote Healing
  • 1 Monthly Q&A Group Healing Support Call
  • Healing Membership Library
  • Abundance Living Bubble for you & your immediate family
  • Members Only Facebook - Global Quantum Healing Circle

$804  OVER 25% SAVING!!!
  • 2 Interactive Healing Livestreams
  • 14 Days Distance/Remote Healing
  • 1 Monthly Q&A Group Healing Support Call
  • Healing Membership Library
  • Abundance Living Bubble for you & your immediate family
  • Members Only Facebook - Global Quantum Healing Circle
30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Here is what other people had to say:
“In just 2-3 months...I have Aha moments and breakthroughs-much needed!”
"In just 2-3 months of being on Jenny’s Healing Membership, I had aha moments and breakthroughs—much needed. I’ve been on the Spiritual and healing path since 2001, a Spiritual counselor and energy worker myself but I was stuck.  Through Jenny’s support in the live interactive livestreams, group Q & A calls, and video healing library….helped me change my perspective, see through my challenges, and in the space of letting go….being present in the Heart’s space, in the body, and letting go my own resistance. In the past, I was avoiding my emotions and energetically running away from what I need to work on…hence my vicious cycle of not moving forward. I’m receiving so much benefit already, that  I’m opting in for the 12 months remote healing bundle."

~Raquel, USA

“Highly recommend getting...had a huge issue Gone!”
"While on a group call with Jenny: ”Last month was the 1st month I got the Healing Membership. If anyone is on the fence about it, I would highly suggest getting it. I had a huge issue I was dealing with and it’s gone. I signed up again this month. Very grateful."


“Not an issue anymore!!!”
"I can tell you honestly my first Healing Membership prior to I was a mess energetically. Jenny's healing grounded me and helped my focus. I don't remember what my three issues were but that simply tells me they are fixed and not an issue anymore!!!"

~ Jeanne, Florida, USA

"Feeling huge shifts and received £460"
"Jenny, I been feeling the energies from your healings! For the last hour or so my chronic sinuses have eased up as I had headaches in the last few days thus grateful the energy is pleasant! I received £60.00 refund on my phone. Also I was credited £250.00 into my bank account from a fee I had paid and turns out this was waived ! thank you so much! Both occurred today!
Thank you Jenny. God bless you, felt huge shifts! I received £150.00! Money gift from a close relative yesterday! This morning my angels sent me a 1 dollar coin silver found it in my path whilst walking. Feeling blessed!"

~ Angel

“Thank you so much for this healing work!”
"You're amazing Jenny, it's really getting through to me how to 'feel and heal', previously very difficult to do as I always hide things or put the hurt away, lightbulb moments thank you so much for this healing work."

~ Yvette

“Lovingly Supported”
"Having been a part of Jenny's Monthly Healing Memership, the best description I am able to find for the experience is the feeling of being lovingly supported. Despite the large group, she found time to respond to issues that arose on the journey, and as many times as the work was done each day, I could feel things clearing and being pulled away. I had not been able to recline, let alone go to sleep for over six months, and that led to tremendous swelling and discomfort. Sleep is now sweet!"

~ Marie A.

“Awesome work”
"I have been in the Monthly Healing Memership and I love Jenny's work it has helped me clear up so much of the stuff that was blocking my life and I feel now I am able to move forward and do all the things I want to do with out that wall of fear holding me back. Thank you Jenny for helping me to be the BEST Me I can be."

~ Judy H.

“I've felt supported and protected all the time!”
"I've felt supported and felt a loving and warm energy...it was really special and unexpected!
Many thanks Jenny for your wonderful work!"

~ Catherine, Quebec, Canada

“Such a comfort!”
"The Monthly Healing Memership have been such a wonderful addition to my life. It is such a comfort to know that someone as kind and generous as Jenny has your back. I feel a genuine sense of peace throughout the process. As with everything she does, it's never just the bare minimum that she delivers. She always goes far beyond the "call of duty" with her Encouraging Messages in the Facebook Group, Infused Energy Songs, Words of Wisdom from her God Team, Bonus Healings, Lessons for Life and a Genuine Desire to see everyone happy and well. I am so grateful that she is a part of my life. Thank you Jenny!"

~ Marie D.

“Feel lighter and brighter”
"The 14 day remote healing transmissions and 3 x a day entity clearings by Jenny helped me enormously. I noticed a huge difference with the shifts and free of entities. My attitude is more positive and interactions with others seem to be happier. I wake up feeling peaceful and calm being in neutral state no matter what unfolds. I felt connected and have more clarity and continue to listen to her mp3's on a daily basis helps clear more gunk.
Having Jenny is a true blessing she is an amazing healer, generous with her time and always available for questions. Thank you and much love <3"

~ Nina L.

“Kids doing well academically”
"The good news is that my daughter just got an unconditional offer from a top A-level college in my city! It happened so quickly and right after I started the Monthly Healing Memership. This wasn't something I had asked for specifically, but I guess every parent wants academics to go smoothly. Anyway this was better than smooth...it was magical. We got a call a day after we sent in the application, our interview was the day after that --they looked eager to have her!! And we got confirmation of the offer that very evening. It was effortless and so quick. So grateful! "

~ S.S.

“I experienced peace as I never have before”
"My experience of Jenny's 14 days of remote healing was a loving, nurturing, extremely supportive time. She has such a loving heart and gave us daily encouragement during the 14 days via her Facebook group page. Healing from Jenny and her God Team certainly stirs up the 'gunky stuff', which can be challenging, but after staying with it, I experienced a quietness and peace in my heart that I have longed for, but never before experienced. This is HUGE for me. Those moments have helped me really KNOW that I can have this inner peace more consistently and steadily. I am looking forward to the next remote healing session. Thank you with all my heart, Jenny and your God Team! "

~ L.M.

“It's a miracle”
"Thank you Jenny things are a lot clearer and more peace and love around my relationship with my mum. She still drives me nuts but there is less charge to our relationship which is a miracle in its self as our relationship since I was a child has been so very difficult, man this is HUGE!!! Wow I am so thankful and grateful for you Jenny and your wonderful work with your God team!!! "

~ Roz

“Unfolding top 3 issues”
"I had two 14 days remote healing until now. And always dear God healing team and you start working on them as soon as the healing begins. My most profound healing has been for my Anger management in the month of January, where in my Anger level came down to 3 from 10. I have noticed I am much happier now and take things easily and do not get angry as before. Then, for the month of April- I had on my list to find a home for living. And wonder of wonders, we found it!! In fact, I would say God healing team and you made it happen. I cannot thank you enough and dear God healing team. Thank you thank you thank you. I am looking forward for another remote healing to work on my other issues and find a solution!!!"

~ A.H.

“Healing Happens!”
"Healing can happen in different ways for everyone. There were some days when I didn't notice much and other days when it was quite palpable. One night I woke up with my whole body vibrating. This has happened before, however, this time it was magnified about 10 times! And that was the second night into the healing membership. At other times I would wake up during the night to the sound of Jenny's music, which is quite unique, playing and thought that I had fallen asleep with my ear buds in. However, that wasn't the case. This was a validation for me that healing happens even when we're not aware."

~ Kathryn

“Things just ran smoothly at work, at college and at home.”
"I'm not someone who feels energy, but in this case during the monthly Healing Membership, I noticed that my life was much more harmonious. Things just ran smoothly at work, at college and at home. Even prickly aggro people who I often have strong internal emotional reactions to, left me completely alone :) I would love to be able to afford Jenny's Remote Healing Energy every month. The Energy Jenny brings through is powerful and such a Blessing to us all!"

~ Diana

About Jenny Thao Ngo:
Jenny Thao Ngo, RN, MSN, CNM is a Transformational Healer, Intuitive Coach and International Speaker. She has been featured on well-known global telesummits such as You Wealth Revolution and From Heartache To Joy.

Jenny’s vision is to support heart-centered professionals and entrepreneurs around the world to live their true purpose and prosper doing what they love. She is dedicated to using her intuitive gifts to help people unlock their full potential. Her signature quantum healing process allows her clients to connect to their inner knowing, and free themselves from limiting beliefs and wounds of the past--so that they can fulfill their true calling.

Starting out in modern medicine, Jenny worked as a Registered Nurse and Certified Nurse Midwife for 12 years, while simultaneously embarking on her spiritual path. In her mid-20s, she began to develop her energy healing techniques. She studied many healing modalities including: Reiki, Quantum-Touch, The Reconnection, The Emotion Code, and The Body Code system. In the midst of her healing journey, she discovered her own unique healing gifts and found her true calling as a transformational healer and coach. Now, as a spiritual “midwife” she helps people “birth” their purpose and live their dreams.

Jenny’s healing abilities allow her clients to quickly uncover their true purpose, re-ignite their passions, break free from limitations, find true value in their worth, and reconnect to their intuition.  As a result, they move from purpose to prosperity, have loving relationships, and make an impact in the world.

Jenny offers coaching & healing programs, private 1-1 sessions, healing membership, and energy infused MP3s/MP4s to deliver powerful results for those who are committed and ready to live their soul purpose.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her soulmate, husband along with her 2 kiddos, traveling to the beach and other fun places.
Get Started Now For Only $67/month!
(can cancel at anytime)

$111  Per Month
  • 2 Interactive Healing Livestreams
  • 14 Days Distance/Remote Healing
  • 1 Monthly Q&A Group Healing Support Call
  • Healing Membership Library
  • Abundance Living Bubble for you & your immediate family
  • Members Only Facebook - Global Quantum Healing Circle

$402  OVER 15% SAVING!!!
  • 2 Interactive Healing Livestreams
  • 14 Days Distance/Remote Healing
  • 1 Monthly Q&A Group Healing Support Call
  • Healing Membership Library
  • Abundance Living Bubble for you & your immediate family
  • Members Only Facebook - Global Quantum Healing Circle

$804  OVER 25% SAVING!!!
  • 2 Interactive Healing Livestreams
  • 14 Days Distance/Remote Healing
  • 1 Monthly Q&A Group Healing Support Call
  • Healing Membership Library
  • Abundance Living Bubble for you & your immediate family
  • Members Only Facebook - Global Quantum Healing Circle
30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
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